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Jan 2017

Overall Rating   3.5

Review of Multi-Syllabic Word Party  by Ricki Block, MS, CCC-SLP  www.preschoolspeechie.com

Rating 1-5 (5 is best)







Ease of use & flexibility


Can use app quickly, instructions from developer, no glitches, can switch from one activity to the next, recordings 

Voice recording is male. Pictures are clear.     My students were unable to read the part of the word which is printed in  yellow. 


I would eliminate yellow and choose a different color. I would add a female voice and an option to record words and sentences.






Captures attention of user, nice graphics,     maintains interest


Search feature – very easy to switch between the 4 games by pressing the “house” icon.  Just click on the house icon and change.

Tap Tap- A visual and auditory pacing board that reinforces players through color and sound. Students like tapping on the color coded dots. They can repeat the segments then repeat the word.  They can tap the word numerous times to practice.  It’s easy to move from one word to the next

Outline- Find the matching shape and then use the pacing board seen in all games

Remember- Match the picture and then use  the pacing board after each match has been made.

Say & Slice-learn syllable segmentation- Students  swipe syllables off of a word and then adding them again.  It makes a cool swooshing sound. When student taps the word it is repeated.


For all games - 

1.It doesn’t always say segment when you tap on the colors.

2. I would love to see the ability to tap the picture or word so student can repeat just the word multiple times rather than the dots for each segment.

3. Praise words should be an option , e.g. “awesome, etc” rather than be after each word.  

4. Say & slice works perfectly the first time. When repeating the word the letters may swipe down but students can’t put them back on. Word only repeats one time when tapped.


Value Outcome


Accountability-  ability to complete task, improved student performance- records data 

This app is $3.99. Very easy to manually record data for the segments.  You can choose 2 to 5 segmented words.  It can be used for all age levels in individual or group sessions.  Progress has been noted with my older students.  I expand this activity by incorporating the identification of suffixes, e.g. ing, tion, ity.


 This app is a little pricey for what you get but still worth the purchase.




iPhone and iPad

Add Android


Overall impression Home Speech Home has the right idea with this app!  The Multi-syllabic Word Party App ties right in to the Common Core for helping children learn and/or strengthen their phonological awareness skills  for learning to  read and speak fluently, and address syllable reduction.  I continue to use my multisyllable word lists (https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Multisyllable-Words-562933) and HSH’s multisyllable word lists during therapy ,( http://www.home-speech-home.com/multisyllabic-words.html) as well as Multi-syllable Word Party (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/multi-syllabic-word-party/id1029886073?mt=8). My older students enjoy playing  the games “Tap Tap” and “Say and Slice.”  I have noticed progress when used consistently.   Manual recording of data is easy with this app because you can choose from two to five segmented words for each game.. It can be used for all age levels in individual or group sessions.  This app has so much potential but needs some revisions, e.g. fixing glitches, be able to tap the word/picture to hear production rather than always needing to tap the pacing dots, provide recording button for student to repeat words and produce a sentence, offer student ability to repeat a word multiple times, ability to turn off the “praise” button.  This app at $3.99 is a little pricey for what you get, but still worth the purchase.  Luke and Hollie from HSH are passionate about speech and have provided free materials above and beyond.   Check out their website today.  It is loaded with valuable lists and free activities! http://www.home-speech-home.com  



Review of Listening Power K-3 app




Listening Power K-3  provides over 1000 listening practice questions on the iPad. Designed by Patti Hamaguchi, a licensed speech-language pathologist. It can be used with children 5-10 years, ESL students and older students with cognitive challenges. I have personally used this app with challenged students ranging in age from 10 years to 17 years old. I have already used it as a screening tool, follow up after a hands activity and as a reward.  Every speech therapist would find this app a valuable addition to their speech toolbox. 


There are 5 activities with varied levels of easy, intermediate or advanced and with choices in a field of 2,3 or 4 pictures.


 1. Listening for Descriptions: provides listening practice for adjectives and descriptions in increasingly longer sentences with 2 to 7 critical elements, including exclusion.  50 questions for each level. Total 150

2. Listening for Meaning:  vocabulary terms are introduced in context with a follow-up question. Intermediate: The infant was sitting in the chair. Who was sitting in the chair? A baby/teenage boy/woman/very old man 50 questions for each level. Total 150

3. Listening for Grammar: practice listening for incorrect grammatical concepts including regular and irregular plurals, verb tenses, articles, omission of auxillary verbs, pronouns, and negation. 50 questions for each level. Total 150

4. Listening to Stories: a story is read slowly and clearly with accompanying pictures and sound effects, followed by questions about the story such as who, what, and where questions. As stories become more advanced, there are less pictures.  There is also a “background noise” button feature.  25 Stories for each level, with 5 questions each. Total 375.  Stories can be printed. 

5.  Listening for Word Memory: student touches a sequence of 3,4,5 or 6 objects in the correct order from a field of 9 pictures starting with a slow presentation of 2 words with pictures to a fast presentation of 3 words with delay in showing the pictures.









5 is best

Listening Power






Material is accurate & evidence based and addresses specific tasks.   

 I love that this app focuses on 5 different listening activities.   Now I can utilize a hands on activity and follow up with this app for learning and as a reward. Little do students know that they are still working!     Activities can be aligned to the Core Curriculum.

I am thrilled that I was able to print out all 25 stories!!    

 Would love to  be able to print out a list of concepts in advance for:

1.Listening for Descriptions-student needs to know concept before working on this skill.

2.Listening for Grammar –I would find it helpful to have list of printed sentences to assist those students who require a visual along with auditory.



Flexibility to adjust settings & add/delete photos, add/delete tasks,  audio recordings, back button

 There are a variety of settings which can be adjusted: auto advance vs manual. Depending on your student’s level, you can provide choices in a field of 2 to 4 pictures. You can start with an easy level and quickly change to a more advanced level. There is a “hear again” button if student requests to hear the sentence again.  It doesn’t change the score but is recorded in the Session Record. 



Ease of use


 Can use app quickly, instructions from developer, no glitches

Love the simplicity of this app – it’s self- explanatory. There is an info button which explains how to use this app.  You can turn the text on or off, I like that you can manually control when to go to the next sentence




Captures attention of user, nice graphics & sounds/music, interactive, maintains interest

I work with challenged older students 9 to 21.  This app has maintained their interest, especially when they look for an object behind a door or shoot a basket on the “rewards” page.   


Value – Outcome


Accountability- time needed to complete task, results in improved student performance- records data

This app provides a valuable source for helping a child to improve listening skills. You can keep track of the student’s data.  There is also a “play missed items” button.  It is a little pricey at $19.99 but worth the price.





1/2/15 - Blog posted - Three Little Kittens Rhyme & Speech Activities 

This was a fun Winter activity to create for my little ones. There are a variety of activities to cover a multitude of IEP objectives. Children will be enjoying the activities with this rhyme and they won't even realize they are working!

1.Story sequencing - Child can color all the pieces of the story. Tell the rhyme as the child listens and puts the pieces in order. THen the child can tell story using pictures. Ask Wh questions about the story.

2.Voice inflection, rate and prosody 
3.Grammatical structures 
4.Speech sounds - labials (p,b,m) and velars (k,g) 


Go to my TPT store to download this FREEBIE. 

11/28/14- Blog posted-12 Essential Preschool Toys For Your Speech-Language Tool-BoxYour kids will have so much fun playing and learning they won’t realize they are working on their speech sounds and language concepts!     Listed in this Blog are some of my students’ favorite toys. They maintain their interest and they don’t even realize they are working.  Each of these toys can be used  to work on language skills or articulation and especially helpful when compiling a speech-language sample.  They improve their ability to produce sounds,  learn to respond to Wh questions, increase mean length of utterance and/or initiate pragmatic verbal turn-taking skills, to make requests, greet, comment and label . Before the activity I  write down key words or phrases to target while the child is playing so I can record data for at least 10 trials. Many of these items I carried in my store for years and I still use today!  Click on the title and it will link you to Amazon.com.   Connect to my TPT store and Pinterest site on this page.  There are lots and lots of fabulous resources.

11/8/14 - Blog posted-13 Best Speech Games & Reinforcers  - Listed are some of my students’ favorite motivational activities. They maintain their interest and they don’t even realize they are working.  Each of these items can be used as a game to work on language skills or articulation.  Depending on the student, I may use picture cards to collect data for minimum of 10 trials and then use game as reinforcer. I  find key words or phrases to target while the child is playing. Many of these items I carried in my store for years and I still use today!  Click on the title and it will link you to Amazon.com

Categories Pre-K Level 1

1.Created for young children who receive speech therapy and/or special services. The following goals are frequently included on their NYS IEP Direct:

• Understand & use vocabulary related to categories, e.g. animals, food
• Understand word associations, e.g. mittens-go on hand
2. Created for teachers as it relates to the NYS Preschool Common Core and vocabulary development
Categories Pre-K Level 1 contains 36 pages of the following :
1.Preschool Category Hierarchy Screener 
2.Category-association games and iPad app suggestions 
3.12 Categories - Title Cards with picture & text and sorting mat 
4.60 associations/go-togethers – pictures are in kit  
5.Word list for Category Level 1 (pgs 12 & 13)
6.270 pictures with text in 12 categories (23 pgs) - $4.00
Separate download on TPT – Categories Pre-K Level 1 pictures
7.Categories Pre-K Level 2  for FREE!! 5 Categories - 40 Category Titles. Separate Download on TPT. Must purchase Categories Pre-K Level 1 pics 
Check out other resources at www.preschoolspeechie.com

Preschool Category Hierarchy Screener
Preschool Category Hierarchy Screener
HTML Document 80.0 KB
HTML Document 77.5 KB

THE CATEGORIES PRE-K PICTURES (270 pictures-26 PGS) accompanies The Categories Pre-K Level 1 (FREE) and Pre-K Level 2 (FREE). THIS DOWNLOAD ONLY CONTAINS THE PICTURES and list of words.

HTML Document 72.5 KB

Click here to see Ricki's Blog -  I just redesigned the images with The Hummingbird, who I genuinely admire.  It can effortlessly fly in any direction (up, down, forward, backward) and hover in one spot. It can elicit  so  much energy and joy.  With all the multi-tasking I have to do, I calm myself with occasional stares at the hand-painted illustration of hummingbirds hanging on my wall in my office.  Just a reminder that no matter how busy we are..... beauty, peace and calm come with the little joys in life:) 


 Appraxia Kit141 VC(C)-C(C)VC Pictures Cards (12 pages) for a limited time only.   Some common blends were included because of frequency of use and additional practice for vowel and consonant patterns -child approximates word at first and eventually learns to sequence the blends too, especially with the use of a pacing board. This is a valuable supplement to the CV-CVCV Apraxia Kit  ($3.50)available on TPT.  All cards have been laminated and mounted with velcro on plastic folders and sorted by VC and initial sound. They are hole punched and placed in a binder. These pics are included on my FREE Apraxia word list which can also be downloaded from TPT or from www.preschoolspeechie.com.  

VC-CVC Pictures for Apraxia Kit (12 pgs)
HTML Document 120.7 KB
16 Best Cause-Effect Apps
16 Best Cause & Effect Apps 13.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 466.3 KB
18 Best Apps for Simple Sequencing
18 Best Simple Sequencing apps.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 403.2 KB
Ricki's APP List Updated Oct 2013 (53 FAVORITE, 52 NEW, 137 FREE TOTAL 260)
The list keeps growing! Apps have been sorted into categories which may help for sorting purposes on the ipad. With a touch of creative input, apps often can be utilized for any goal and paired with a hands on activity.

Page 1 - AAC,cause-effect - VERY EASY
Page 2 - sounds, articulation, books - articulation apps can give you a list of sounds....doesn't always have to be flashcard drills...kids can enjoy "drill" during creative activities, e.g. art, books, games
Page 3 - more books, follow directions & sequence
Page 4 - more follow directions, auditory memory, games,
Page 5 - puzzles, hidden pics, songs, vocabulary-language
Page 6 - more vocabulary-language, classification-assoc,Wh quest
Page 7 - ABC, 123, phonics, reinforcement
iPad Apps Sept 13 Portrait.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 466.3 KB

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Ricki's Printable Forms (29) Downloads)

Click  here Ricki's Printables to see all downloads.

FREE:  My Apraxia List has been revised. It is now 3 pages and will accompany a recent completion of the CV-CVCV Kit which includes  60 CV pics, 66 CVCV pics, 12 Rebus pics, an ABC chart, 123 chart, colors chart, shapes chart and several other resources.  

Appraxia Word List revised 6-13.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 53.0 KB

The CV-CVCV Apraxia Kit  $3.50 - was created for toddlers and preschoolers with apraxia of speech, speech sound sequencing concerns, and/or phonological processes.  This kit is 29 pages and  has pictures & suggestions for vowels, sound cues (12 pics) consonant-vowel (CV-60 pics) and consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel (CVCV-66 pics.)  Every effort has been made to keep the vocabulary simple for the little ones.  It is a natural flow to progress from CV to CVCV.  The pictures have been thoughtfully chosen based on age level and functional use.  The J, TH, ZH & R sounds are not included in this kit.  My next project will be completion of CVC & VC words.  The Apraxia Word List (3 pages)  - FREE - accompanies this list and is a separate download.  Available on TPT. 

Click on Ricki's Printable Forms Free (left side of this screen) to Download all handouts

ALL APPS THAT WERE ON HOME PAGE ARE NOW NICELY SORTED IN APPS REVIEWS.....left side of this screen.  All titles are connected to iTunes for your convenience.

Resource Connections for Popular Topics & Themes

GCF Learn Free.org - Visit this wonderful website today.  Earn CEU credits for attending their FREE iPad and other computer workshops too!  Apple's iPad and iPad mini are popular tablets that have changed the way we use computers. Learn the basics of using the iPad along with other features like iCloud, iTunes, Siri, the App Store and more. Recently updated with new videos!


FREE Phonetic Placement Videos for every sound




Resource Connections  -  Ricki says, " If you are resourceful, you don't have to reinvent the wheel, just improve upon it."  This section includes sites which contain practical hints, hands on activities and pertinent articles.  Click on Resource Connections to left of this screen (2nd category in maroon section.)  




Free Handouts

NEW: This hand out about Preverbal Skills (from Belinda Hill, SLP Australia) is nicely organized and can be used as a very helpful guideline for the therapist and the classroom teacher.  Click here to see Belinda's other free handouts.   



SpeechPathology.com - For only $99 per year you can take unlimited on-line courses in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Some courses are text and others are recorded. You can also participate in Webinars with a live person.   I have take numerous courses which have been very informative. 


Ricki's Cat Book

Princeton is a Brainy Cat
Princeton is a Brainy Cat

Check out my book, "How Smart Is Your Cat?"  It can be purchased on TPT for .99!  When I developed this book I had 4 cats at the time.  They ranged in intelligence.  One of my cats was able to find a toy when hidden - she had object permanence.  She figured out how to jump off the roof (about 10 feet) and land safely on the ground.  At the end of the day, she would wait at the door to come in.  Ariel was a tortoise...she was an amazing cat.

HTML Document 72.5 KB

Catalogs & Products

Click on  this link, SuperDuper, and it will take you to Pink Pig Savings that are 50% off.  Special is limited time only.  Looks like they are going to run a special every 2 weeks.



The Listening Program

Listening Program:

I am a Certified Provider of the Listening Program and can answer questions, get you product information, provide the therapy and obtain product. This program should only be administered by a Certified Provider.  There are suggested CD players, ipods and headphones to use with this program. 


These monthly, 60 minute teleseminars cover wide ranging topics intended to help people transform their lives through a better understanding of sound, music, and the brain. Alex frequently invites industry experts to join him as his special guest and reserves time for Q&A.



TLP Spectrum-Sound brain fitness for the sensory sensitive listener

The newest addition to The Listening Program®, TLP Spectrum™, creates a healthy relationship with sound. It trains the brain with pleasing, evidence-based music which has been developed to improve sound brain fitness, reduce sensory sensitivities and help people find comfort in their environment. 

TLP Spectrum is ideal for children and adults with; autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, brain injury, and developmental delays, as well as typically developing toddlers, preschoolers, and the elderly. 

Learn more http://advancedbrain.com/spectrum 



Header Picture can be found in the Teacher Created Resources catalog:    

It is a postcard titled "Note From Your Teacher" and was designed by Susan Winget.   I have also purchased their Nursery Rhyme products, Theme books, notepads and postcards, with designs by Mary Englebright, Debra Mumm and Susan Winget.