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Apps for Speech & Language - ASHA article - includes related links, blogs and resources

Ricki's APP update May 2, 2013
 Sorts apps into categories. 
Bold APPS are new
Highlighted APPS are favorites. They are all my favorites, so I did my best to pick my favorite favorite! 
Page 1 - AAC,cause-effect,sounds  - helpful for children who may be pre-verbal and/or just beginning to learn to communicate
Page 2 - articulation, books -  articulation apps can give you a list of sounds....doesn't always have to be flashcard drills...kids can enjoy "drill" during creative activities, e.g. art, books, games
Page 3 - follow directions & sequence 
Page 4 - games, puzzles, songs, ABC-123
Page 5 - Vocabulary, language, WH questions



Compare 4 iPad cases under $35 for kids
Comparison iPad Cases for Children rev 1
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Picture The Sentence  is an engaging app which helps child learn to process the meaning of sentences with increasing complexity and to retain information in a sentence containing 1 to 5 critical elements.  Simple pictures and/or text can be selected.  A common goal for our preschool students is to retain at least 2-3 critical elements. We tie this into the child’s ability to follow directions.    I have yet to see another app which specifically addresses this goal. I also like it for teaching basic sentence structure.  There are a variety of settings which can be adjusted – difficulty level, wait time, subjects – can focus on a  target such as pronouns, sentence type - highly critical because you can improve memory by controlling the sentence length and gradually build the child’s ability to process the information in sentences with embedded information.  For example, if Subject-Verb-Object is chosen, speaker may say “She is eating a cookie.”  Speaker then says , “Which picture shows that sentence? Touch it and drag it.” Child has to remember what the speaker said and find the correct picture. I love the simplicity of this app – it’s self- explanatory.  Therapist determines number of trials. I would like the option of viewing  all the sentences and have the option of choosing the words and creating my own sentences.  The “Open the door” game is a cute and simple reinforcement activity in  which the therapist determines how often the reinforcement occurs  There are 3 levels of difficulty and varied sentence lengths which gives the therapist 100’s of sentence to practice. There is also an option to track data. This app offers a wide appeal for preschoolers and older. It is well worth $9.99 and a must-have for every Speech Therapist.  I LOVE IT!  Rating 5



Super Duper Data Tracker- monitors & documents student  progress. New features allow you to:  Create multiple goals for each student.  Choose from  Tally, Correct/Incorrect, Approximated, and Cued.   Store data for unlimited sessions.  Add students to multiple groups.  Add students temporarily to a group to make up missed sessions.  Write notes for each student in a session.  Email results for individual students or all students in a group.  Graph results for each goal.


Speech Treats:  This is the cuuutest app for reinforcement. It's FREE too. Choose from a variety of kids and animals to feed. Wish you could change the voice recording....still LOVE IT!!

SpeechBox is a user-friendly app containing high resolution photos for practicing 20 articulation sounds and 10 categories. !!!) At $19.99 it is a FABULOUS value and highly recommended. I like the fact that you can add your own boxes too. I create CV, CVCV, and ACTION boxes within minutes utilizing the extensive picture inventory in this app. I like the option of making my own recordings for increasing phrase length as well. Back arrow button is readily visible, and it’s easy to add a new scene and change pictures, although the boxes can’t be moved. Format is unique – when a box is opened, all the pictures load on the page . Child and/or adult can move pics around and tap the pic. I like that the pic gets larger when you press on it. I would like to be able to put pics in a “pocket” if I am not using them for targeted session. I love the simplicity of this app – it’s self- explanatory. I like the fact that you can lock the screen if needed. My students liked tapping on the picture, imitating the word and swiping the picture off the screen. They learned to swipe the picture quickly. This app offers an extensive selection of beautiful pictures and even though there is not a data collection component, data can easily be collected by the Speech Therapist. Developer is the father of a child with apraxia and has hands on experience with tasks provided by his Speech Pathologist. He welcomes suggestions and is working on the updated version! It may be more costly, so at $19.99 it’s well worth it.


I value the App Reviews from:

Digital Storytime - As parents themselves, Carisa & Marc wanted to create a site that would help other parents and educators find out more about picture book apps for iPad. Detailed ratings and information are included for every app reviewed. Since they have a bookish young child, the couple shares almost all of the books reviewed with their son, who is currently in Kindergarten.


Smart Apps for Kids - Nice reviews on Apps for children of all ages.  They have divided their list into age groups to make it easier for browsing.  They also have Free App of the Day, Top 75 Free Apps and Top Picks. 

The AppyMall - categorized by age and price

Preschool Speech Source -  Why not include myself?:) I am looking out for my fellow speech colleagues - avoiding apps with too many ads and not enough content!


1. I personally have many of the apps reviewed on these sites. I look at the cost of the app to determine if it's worth the value. If a FREE app has limited use, I delete it. Take advantage of limited time FREE apps. I have downloaded many FREE apps during this time.

2. I always pair an iPad activity with a hands on activity. Children learn by doing and and we need to remember the importance of real time experiences. Our experiences build on our knowledge base.

 Video clips of preschoolers using the iPad - iPad program at Thompson Early Learning one year after it was rolled out and illustrates how early childhood educator's use of iPads evolved over the course of a year. Food for thought - Nice visuals for incorporating into a an iPad presentation

 iPad Academy - everything you wanted to learn how to do with your iPad.  Helpful tips and tutorials.  I've already taken a few.  Just learned how to get my iPad to SPEAK what was just typed!

How To Group Apps Into Folders On iPad: I often get requests from staff and friends to show them how to group apps in similar categories on the iPad.  I found this video by mahalodot.com which clearly explains how to add and delete apps from a group.    I have the following app categories on my iPad:  ABC-123, sequence, AAC, signs, super duper, puzzles, vocab-categories, books, sounds, artic-oral motor, songs = ALL FOR PRESCHOOL!


GET IT WHILE IT'S FREE! Monster Hunt  is a simple visual memory game for all ages. Facial expressions of monsters can be discussed with kids too.

Cause & Effect

Draw with Stars: GET IT WHILE IT'S FREE. This is a whimsical app which will attract children's attention. It's perfect for teaching cause & effect and for motivating children who are learning to isolate their pointer finger.
Draw with Stars ! Play with Musical, Animated and Glowing Shooting Stars !
Get Draw with Stars ! Play with Musical, Animated and Glowing Shooting Stars ! on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

Kate & Harry Build a Plane -  GET IT WHILE IT'S FREE.  Have had success teaching preschoolers with delayed language "cause & effect" using Kate & Harry apps.  Just a tap of the button adds pieces to a flying plane.  Tap the back of the plane to make it go faster.  The clapping audience is always a motivator for the preschoolers too. LOVE THIS APP!


Ride A Pony with Kate & Harry- $1.99

Kate and Harry are two adorable characters who giggle and say "yahoo" while they are riding a pony. Graphics are colorful.  Three children with language delays loved this app. Activity was only modeled one time and they independently made the pony gallop, the child laugh, and repetitively chose a pony to dress up. It maintained their interest for at least 10 minutes.  With help, they tapped the pop-ups but did not relate to fairy tale figures. Considering the simplified nature of this app, it would have been helpful to have a "glow" around the interactive pop-ups so children could find them more easily. This is a simple cause & effect activity with purposeful play - geared for very young children and wonderful for the developmentally delayed.

Baby Musician Lite - FREE -  The cute musical melodies, colorful graphics and engaging interactive gameplay will encourage the development of your child's appreciation for music and give them a better understanding on musical instruments and how they sound

Art of Glow - You can draw using a variety of 8 shapes and 8 colors which continue to move until you press the clear button and start over.  You can control the movements and cycles as well.  Nice sound effects.


Music Animals - Great photos and clear sounds & naming of animal.  12 pics are free.  

 Music Sparkles - This is a terrific cause & effect app for kids who need to learn that every actions creates a reaction.  This app comes with 2 FREE instruments, the xylophone and drums. You can purchase other instruments, but for my purpose, these two instruments are fine.  The sounds are clear and defined.  Observe the child's behavior of randomly hitting the instrument or purposeful hitting with intention. 
Musical Flash Cards Animals- There are 12 colorful FREE photos of animals. You can purchase additional animals. Tap on an animal and it makes the sound.  Tap the printed word at the bottom of the screen to hear the word.

Free APP - Speak Colors - Simple app for encouraging word imitation. Select the phrase or sentence button.  Color pictures are paired with items of the same color and voice activated, e.g. green car or The ball is green.  This one is a winner!


ALEXICOM AAC - This app is FREE and I Love It. It's one of the best simple and functional  AAC programs I am using  with preschoolers.  It took a little time to figure out how to make boards, with the help of email support from the company.  Response was prompt and helpful.  I had quite a few questions and they were soooo patient with me. Once I "got it" making boards was a breeze.  There are preset boards which can be deleted or changed. Create as many boards, any size as needed and link to home pages. It is flexible with editing, changing & hiding images, and recordings.   I highly recommend downloading the Bing app and saving what ever  images are needed on the iPad. Bing has a HUGE selection of photos and clip art.  


 SoundingBoard - FREE - Simple AAC icons - transforms your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into the latest in communication technology. In just minutes, you can create custom boards using AbleNet symbols or your own photos. You can edit pictures and record your own voice.

Sign4Me (By Vcom3D) - If you use sign with your children, you will find this $9.99 app extremely useful. I download sooo many free apps and at first was hesitant to spend the money, but I am glad I did. I watched a demo of the app on Youtube first. Learn signs with a male avatar (his eyes blink) who can be rotated in any direction to see the sign. Type in the word or phrase you would like to sign and the avatar signs it! You control the placement of the avatar.

Baby Sign and Learn lite is FREE, but you don't get much. I downloaded the first signs for $1.99 (91 signs.) You can download all 3 levels for 2.99.  You will also love this sweet app Baby Sign and Sing lite which teaches you how to sign the song , Twinkle Little Star. Unlock 3 additional songs for .99 cents - ABC song, Old MacDonald, and Row Your Boat. It is a little pricey for 3 songs, but thorough.


Alien Buddies

Oops you missed it - now $1.99. GET IT WHILE IT'S FREE! This app is absolutely adorable with cute sound effects, voices and activities to learn colors, shapes, letters and numbers. It provides practice with visual and auditory matching. LOVE IT!



Take apart and put together simple 2-part puzzles which fit in each other (nesting cups.) Model 2-word phrases "Put in" and "Take out."



What's Different helps children learn the concepts Same vs Different. GET IT WHILE IT'S FREE! - See more at: http://www51.jimdo.com/app/s93b9a70bc7fa403e/p9cb37eabe6483ca0/#sthash.ZXSAquQr.dpuf

Bitsboard - FREE- offers free access to tens of thousands of gorgeous flashcards and carefully curated lessons across dozens of languages. No matter what you want to teach (English, Vocabulary, Sight Words, Sounds, ABC, etc.), you will find it on Bitsboard.   I have been using this app with a little 3 yr old learning sound association.  Choose the number of pics you want on the screen.  A sound is played. If answer is wrong, the picture disappears and child has one less picture to choose from.  I love it!

Animal Game Show - Whose Toes are Those? - Matching Fun for Kids and Family $1.99

Animal Puzzle For Toddlers - First set of puzzles are free - unlock all puzzles for $1.99

FREE App - Farm Joy & Co. I downloaded this farm   app and played the matching game, I spy game (use the hint button if you can't find the item in the barn- it makes a noise and puts stars around the item) and put together the  5 piece puzzle ( match parts of the puzzle - app helps you put the puzzle piece in the right place.)  Check it out. 

Kids Trains, Planes & Sea Vehicles - There are4 FREE motivating puzzle games (you can purchase more.)   When a puzzle is completed kids are rewarded with a variety of sound activated events such as clapping and  popping balloons. Big puzzle pieces and nice graphics.

Play Lab - This is a simple and catchy shapes matching game with upbeat music

Simple Sort - .99 - Play a category game with as few as 1 category to 6 categories

Simple Books

3 Little Piggies – GET IT WHILE IT'S FREE - Interactive Story Book with Animations - This is a fun interactive story book with animation.  Packed with interactive features (e.g. pigs playing, pigs building their houses, the wolf blowing down the houses) it offers a whole new level of involvement in the story! 

Meet Millie - This is the cutest "Lift the Flap" interactive book which features a video of Millie the Shaggy dog (the real deal) when you open each flap.  I would modify the wording of the story for a preschooler who needs a simpler storyline. FREE

The Surprise - NOW $5.99 - no longer FREE - SORRY! This is a well done video in which you tell the story.  You can write the story to the right of the screen and record the story too.  It's about a boy who finds a dog and sneaks him into his house.  The characters have distinct facial expressions which makes this a great app for kids who need work on reading facial expressions and pragmatics.

Sam Phibian - This is a story about a little green frog who eats bugs and grows - great tool for eye tracking - Sam has to tap the bugs which then get swiped by the frog's tongue.  FREE

Turtle's Day at the Beach - (1.99)

Beau Crow - The Greedy Crow - ( .99)

Animated ABC Book - (2.99)


Draw Along with Stella and Sam- Worth it at $1.99. Choose from a variety of simple pics to color in. Add simple shapes to the design too. OT's will love this because it encourages children to use their pointer finger.  For example, after you finsh coloring a bird, click on the arrow and Stella and Sam tell a short story about the bird. As a speech therapist, I love this app!! Child can talk about what is happening in the picture. You can take pictures and insert them in the drawings too. This is a winner. Thanks for sharing Smartapps for Kids.


Open Wide Snap - By kid-e story books - about a crocodile who needs his teeth cleaned - this story can easily be modified for a child who needs a simpler story line. Select "Read It Myself" - the word "SNAP" is voice activated on every page when you press the "Next" arrow. Reader has an English accent. It is a redundant-predictable story. It's very cute! This is a great tie-in with thebook "Five Little Monkeys Sitting In a Tree and "The Wide Mouth Frog."                 

Hide Run Growl-  By kid-e story books - Mommy's paw is too sore, so mommy can't hunt today. The little tiger cub hunts for mommy and goes on an adventure. Each page "Growls" when you press the "Next" arrow. Read by same reader as above and can also be modified for a child who needs a simpler story line.

More books:

Nighty Night - $2.99 -  By Goodbeans - This app is tooooo cute and I like the predictable format of the animals going to sleep once the light is turned off (similar to Good Night Moon)!  Animals are interactive and they are awake until you turn out the light.  You need to find the light switch too.  It's the perfect book to work on the concept "on" vs "off",  following directions, Agent + action+ing. I am adding this book to my favorites list!!  

Free APP - Ollie Goes to the Park - very simply story with minimal interactions - nice for the child who may be distracted by pushing buttons!


Oceanhouse Media - NEW:  this is a great find for storybook apps!  I especially like the Picture Me book - you can put a photo of your child in the story.

Kapu Forest - $1.99
Josh & Emma Go to the Beach- FREE - Narrated slowly by a young child.  Interactive activities throughout the story, e.g. "What's next to the big rock?"  Two orange pointy starfish - you can tie in concepts of position, attributes, etc. This book will help a child who is easily distracted follow simple directions.
Miss Spider's Tea Party - FREE -  A favorite story of mine written by David Kirk.  Listen to the interactive story, watch the video, match pictures, color, or do a puzzle - nice background music
Thomas & Friends- FREE - Pop Goes Thomas and Creaky Cranky are FREE.  You can purchase other titles.  Play a matching game, color, or complete a puzzle - when the puzzle is completed, a short video plays

Finding Frankie the Frog(FREE for limited time only) - it's a Hide and Go Seek story  and guessing game - perfect for working on giving clues and then asking "Where is ___hiding?"

Snow White App ( click to watch demo)   developed by Fairytale Studios and released May 31st-  You can choose Read to Me or I Want to Read.  Nice pictures, simple story line for younger children, and narrated slowly in a male voice. Tap on the screen and animals pop up with accompanying sounds.  Good app for working on s blends (e.g. snow, sleep, stop), action words and the pronouns She and He.  $1.99


Even Mosters Get Sick (interactive book and games) –  .99


Check out Snow White App ( click to watch demo)   developed by Fairytale Studios and released May 31st-  You can choose Read to Me or I Want to Read.  Nice pictures, simple story line for younger children, and narrated slowly in a male voice. Tap on the screen and animals pop up with accompanying sounds.  Good app for working on s blends (e.g. snow, sleep, stop), action words and the pronouns She and He.

  Little Fox Music - $2.99 -  Interactive songs, e.g. Old MacDonald and London Bridge.  Cute graphics - animals do silly actions, e.g. pig taking a bath - great for silly yes-no questions.  Suggested by Smart Apps for Kids.




Fun with ABC App - FREE - designed for toddlers and younger kids to learn, write and recognize letter of the alphabet and related words through pictures in a fun and engaging way. A collection of all letters with 4 pictures and sounds per letter of the alphabet to give your young one a very rich vocabulary. 

A fun new Sentence Builder app to learn about words, sentences, pronunciation, grammar, and punctuation. The sentences app that can be fully customized with your own pictures, words and sentences. *Audio for each word *Image for each sentence *Build sentence from the words *Two different levels. *Self created sentences, images, and record your own voice. Also nice for sentence recall. Customize for working on articulation sounds too.  For pre-k to Gr 3. Well worth it at $2.99

ABC Wildlife - $2.99


Don't miss out on this free trial of 8 Word Families. If you like it, purchase all word families for $2.99. Easy to use with nice visuals, child's voice and sound effects.

AlphaBooks Lite - First 3 letter books are FREE. Each letter is linked to 6 real photos of items starting with the letter and then arrow to another photo of the word used in a sentence. Nice and simple. Great speech tool for articulation or educational tool for learning letters. Try it out. If you like it you can purchase all 26 letters for only $2.99.

 abc WOW! - $1.99 - I have been searching for a simple ABC app which has a colorful ABC song.   This app has 2 parts - click on the ABC song which is sung at a pace in which little ones can keep up or click on the letters.  The developers have given the time for children to respond - I like that! Click on the lower case "a" - "What's this letter?  Let's touch it and see." Touch the letter and it turns into an apple, says "a is for apple" and then twinkles.  When you press on the apple the seeds fall off.  Each letter is interactive.  The voices and graphics are very kid friendly.  You can skip past letters you don't want to do.  Take advantage while it's free!

Word Pig - Kids can explore letters and spell/read simple 3-letter words - child's voice says letters and the word when complete.

Pre-K ABC - NOW 1.99 - no longer FREE  

AlphaBooks Lite - First 3 letter books are FREE. Each letter is linked to 6 real photos of items starting with the letter and then arrow to another photo of the word used in a sentence. Nice and simple. Great speech tool for articulation or educational tool for learning letters. Try it out. If you like it you can purchase all 26 letters for only $2.99.

Ricki's First Video App Review!!

Ricki's Video Review of :

I Like Books - From Grasshopper Apps - choice of 37 books with nice photos on different topics, e.g. animals, family, etc.  Encourage response to simple and abstract Wh questions and expanding MLU, especially agent + action + object.  $1.99

My First 1000 Words - From Alligator Apps - Identify and label photos in over 50 categories!  You can choose a play mode to display 2, 4, or 6 pictures.   $1.99

Touch and Learn Emotions  - FREE - From Alligator Apps - You can choose the emotions to display.  Voice labels an emotion an child taps on a photo (out of 4.)

Going Places - FREE - From Model Me Kids - Simple social stories with nice photos - shopping, hair salon, playground, mall, restaurant, doctor. Share with parents to use with child at home.


Follow Directions

I just received an email from Early Intervention Speech Therapy about My Play Home. This is one of my favorite apps.  You can try out the Play Home Lite for free, but once you play with it you will want the full version.  There are 3 scenes - kitchen, living room and backyard.  A family of 5 can be manipulated around the scene an is interactive with the environment with sound effects, e.g. the radio plays music, the water runs

Goals you can work on:

1. Follow directions from simple 1-step to multi-step - e.g. turn on the water and wash 1 dish, mommy wants to eat a red apple

2. Noun vocabulary - labeling

3. Action vocabulary - eat, wash, clean, sit sound, stand up, hold book, jump, throw away, swing, pour

4. Wh questions, yes-no and OR questions

I have found the cutest apps over the past few days.  Lazoo Color and Lazoo Squiggle are 2 FREE Apps which I am adding to my favorite collection of apps.  Choose a scene, draw shapes and squiggles, PRESS GO and your picture comes alive, e.g. draw nests for the birds in a tree, press go, and the birds chirp and birds hatch out of eggs, along with a big surprise.  Very cute graphics and sounds.  There are 7-8 scenes for each app. I plan on using Lazoo to address goals for "Following Directions."

Duck Duck Moose

Trucks in Town: Very cute interactive, colorful APP Trucks in Town You can drive the school bus to the school, the firetruck to the fire, the truck to the gas station, etc.  Vehicle engines start up when you touch them. .. only .99.

Duck Duck Moose - NEW:  Trucks - First thing I did was turn off the music on the front screen.  This is an interactive app is embedded with a variety of sounds and movements within 5 venues - car wash, dump truck, tow truck, garbage truck and car parade.  In car parade the traffic light works - car stops with red light, car moves slower with yellow light and car stops with red light.  Many opportunities to follow directions,encourage expansion of MLU, target vocabulary such as action words, attributes, location, etc.    My favorite apps from Duck Duck Moose are the interactive songs - I usually turn on the music , but there is an option to record the story yourself.  I have used them for working on cause & effect with pre-verbal children, sequencing, following directions, sound imitation:

Wheel on Bus - Great for labial sounds  b, m, p, labeling objects & actions  $.99

Old MacDonald - Sound association, label animals and actions $1.99

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Great for s sound  $1.99

Baa Baa Black Sheet - Great for labial sounds  $1.99

Draw & Tell - Think out of the box with this app - very useful for working on multi-step directions.  You color sheets or create your own design.  You can work on directions while coloring and increase level of difficulty by using the "Stickers."  There are a variety of stickers to choose from. So, for example there is a picture with 2 cows and a barn.  You can move 3 stickers to the bottom of the screen and tell the child to "Put the cat on the black cow, the dog next to the barn.   You can save your pictures for the next session and alter the activity (reducing or adding directions) as needed.  $1.99


Speech with Milo


Fun and Educational Apps just noted that Milo apps have been reduced to $.99.

Here are the links:

1. Sequencing

2. Prepositions

3. Adjectives

4. Verbs

5. Interactive storybook


They also list several FREE Apps - although word of caution - after you download FREE apps, make sure it is worth keeping.  I found a few which have minimal activities for FREE or app is limited.

Super Duper Apps

SUPER DUPER APPS Check out Super Duper's Preschool Apps for starters. This link takes you to the Apps page. I bought the following for only $1.99 each. They just reduced the price on all their apps! Super Duper has a video demo for each app and they are very easy to learn. Practice simple and abstract Wh questions, syntax, MLU and more. I use these Apps as baseline data for a skill.  I can achieve an accurate indication of the child's understanding and obtain data on at least 25 trials. The kids love them too. I would suggest providing a random reinforcement to maintain attention, if needed.  My 4 year old student enjoys listening to the voice output and does not need a reinforcement.  I have also used the App as a random reinforcement during other hands on activities.


Listening for Absurdities     What doesn't belong            Name that category         Practicing Pragmatics          What are they thinking        How would you feel if

Understanding inferences    Plurals                                Opposites

Let's Predict                         Using I & Me (FREE)            Let's Name Things (FREE)

Who Questions (FREE)

60 Story Starters - make up your own stories together - Prompt with "What's happening?" or "What doing?"


StoryMaker just released Sept 2012- GET FREE Version. Very easy to use. You can type your text and then pull pics from places, people, clothes, food, animals, weather, things, transport and time. MISSING action words and attributes though.   $4.99 version allows you to print out the stories

Toca Boca

TOCA HOUSE -  ($1.99 in itunes) TOCA HOUSE link is linked to http://www.speechlanguageneighborhood.com/Speech-Therapy-Apps-For-Language/Preschool-Expressive-and-Receptive-Language/  Amanda (SLPeeps on Twitter) has reviewed numerous preschool apps which I have used as well and are enjoyed by the students.    I highly recommend going to her site to read reviews, how she uses the apps in therapy, and download activity sheets for the following apps:

Toca Tea Party, Toca Birthday Party, Toca Doctor, Toca Kitchen (Yummy vs Yucky worksheet), Toca Hair Salon, Toca Store (Shop & sort worksheet), Toca Train, Toca Robot (parts of body worksheet), Toca House (rooms of house worksheet)

Free APP from TOCA BOCA - Toca Kitchen Monsters - this is the "lite" version of Toca Kitchen.  Try it for FREE first and if your child likes it, you can purchase the full version for $1.99.  This is an interactive app with sound activated sequences, e.g. cooking, cutting, blending, boiling water, microwave. Two monsters make funny noises when they are eating - and when they don't like a food.

Shoe the Goose

SHOE THE GOOSE  This app providesa fun way to work on sequencing, artic sounds and vocabulary development.

a) The child can choose a cookie or a recipe. If you are working on articulation (especially great for K), find all the words related to the target sounds
b) Follow the directions, adding ingredients, rolling, cooking, and decorating, then eating; This is an interactive app which encourages pouring, shaking, cutting butter, cracking eggs,baking etc.

c) Eat the cookie or put it in the cookie jar.
d) Print out pictures for a later sequencing activity.
e) Sequence the pictures and re-tell what you did, practicing the oral language retelling.

Other similar Apps from Shoe the Goose: To learn more about these apps, click on Word Links below to the App Store or go to App Store icon to the upper left side of this screen....

Caboodle Doodle, Icebox Doodle, Tie Dye Doodle, Candy Doodle, Cake Doodle, Jelly Doodle, Cookie Doodle 

Maverick Software

MAVERICK SOFTWAREa name to remember. Their apps are only .99 (except for More buffet) and they are all related to food topics. They are similar to the Shoe the Goose apps (e.g. cookie doodle) with an added attraction of sound activation. Click on link to take you to the App Store or type name in App Store located at the top left of this screen. I personally purchased "More grillin" which is perfect to use this time of year. You grill all different types of food on the grill (as it makes a sizzling and flipping sound) , add bread, sauce, toppings, side dishes and dessert. I really like this app for sequencing following directions and MLU (especially agent + action + object, e.g. I'm eating hamburger.) It gives you instructions as you go from one step to the next. First you choose the food you want to grill by tapping on the picture at the top of the screen and then tapping on the grill. You tap the word "cook" and it sizzles. There is an actual flame on the grill. You then can flip the food and then add food to your plate by tapping food from the top of the screen and then tapping plate. You can then add sauce,toppings, a side dish and dessert. This app was a real hit with the preschoolers. This may be a nice app to use with children who are picky eaters as well. Here is a list of other $.99 cents apps for the iphone an ipad, and links offered by Maverick Software:

More Donuts, Cupcakes, More Breakfast, More Pie, More Toast, More Sundaes, More Cookies, More Popcorn, Snackerdoodle, More Salad, More Pizza,

More buffet (1.99....250 foods from 19 countries )


If you decide to purchase any of these apps, be cautious of the company, Sunstorm Interactive - they have similar titles and offer products for free. The screen is difficult to read, there are numerous ads, pictures are poor quality, and there is not much for free.

Alligator Apps