Core Curriculum & Progress Monitoring

Pam Marshalla - Read about the meaning of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) - experience counts too!

NYS Early Childhood Guidelines - packed with pages and pages of curriculum areas and age levels.  Guidelines can be used for tracking progress

 Progress Monitoring in Preschool - how we measure present level of performance.  Brian Orzell provided suggestions on using graphs and charts.  Here are some helpful websites:

Get It, Got It, Go - 

Intervention Central - Behavior Report Card Maker and Chart Dog

Center for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood -

National Center on Student Progress Monitoring -


FYI - Here is a link related to the NYS Core Standards for Preschool (62 pages.) 

The New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core is:

A resource for guiding the design, selection and implementation of a high quality curriculum.

A guide for planning experiences and instructional activities that enable children to meet the standards.

A guide for selecting assessment tools appropriate for children with differing abilities and challenges.

A framework for all prekindergarten children regardless of language, background, or diverse needs.

A bridge between the learning expectations of children birth through three and the standards for those attending K-12 in public schools.

A focus for discussions regarding the education of young children by educators, policy makers, families and community members.

A template for planning professional development opportunities.


Playing With Words 365 wrote an excellent article on Data Collection - a must read!  Katie is a mom to two little ones and a pediatric speech pathologist. She started this blog to help parents help their children expand their speech and language skills through play, reading, music, crafts and other daily activities. She also blogs about speech therapy tips, parenting, and more.  Thank you for the resource Beth!!

Carrie's Speech Corner - One of Carrie's Blogs discussed  Tips on Collecting Baseline Data - this is such an important area of documentation for speech therapists. Ffinding quick pre and post screenings and pertinent checklists  help us keep track of a child's progress.  Carrie works as a school based speech-language pathologist in MA primarily with students in preschool and kindergarten.  Thank you Beth for another great resource!

Learning GRAPHS with NCES (National Center for Edcation Statistics) - Kids'  Zone Graphs- My ability to create a graph in excel has been challenging to say the least, so I have been searching for a graphing system that is seamless.  I came across this site which is a real find and a MUST for anyone who is graphing data!Start a new graph from scratch.  Just plug in your data (e.g. date and percentage).Copy to new graph: copies all data or settings to a new graph project, where changes can be made without affecting the original graph project.Print,  Download & Email this Graph. I created a graph within minutes!!


Super Duper Data Tracker- monitors & documents student  progress. New features allow you to:  Create multiple goals for each student.  Choose from  Tally, Correct/Incorrect, Approximated, and Cued.   Store data for unlimited sessions.  Add students to multiple groups.  Add students temporarily to a group to make up missed sessions.  Write notes for each student in a session.  Email results for individual students or all students in a group.  Graph results for each goal.