Listening Program

The Listening Program® by Advanced Brain Technologies


I am a Certified Provider of the Listening Program and can answer questions, get you product information, provide the therapy and obtain product. This program should only be administered by a Certified Provider. There are suggested CD players, ipods and headphones to use with this program.


The Listening Program (TLP) is a music based listening therapy which improves the ability to process auditory (listening) and vestibular (balance) information; communication, attention, body awareness, self-regulation, cognition, mood, behavior, learning, sensory processing, brain fitness and daily living skills (e.g. toileting.)

The Listening Program provides systematic training to the brain by listening to patterned classical music which trains the brain to process sound more efficiently. It is designed to stimulate or “exercise” the different functions of the auditory processing system causing the listener to hear music from right to left and up and down. This enables the brain to better receive, process, store and utilize the valuable information provided through the varied soundscapes in our lives such as music, language and the environment in which we live.

TLP enables the neuropathways of the brain to move from a “disorganized” to an “organized” system by delivering sound waves, frequencies (Hz), in specific timing, duration and consistency to the brain in organized patterns. These frequencies stimulate the brain, and thus affect different functions of the mind and body which help desensitize and/or arouse targeted areas.

Specific Frequencies for Specific Functions

The Listening Program combines decades of clinical research in several fields, including neurology, physiology, psychoacoustics, auditory processing, music theory and more. The method builds on the work of respected leaders in these fields, such as ear, nose and throat (ENT) physician Alfred A. Tomatis, M.D. (1920-2001). Among other discoveries, Dr. Tomatis helped identify the relationship between certain sound frequencies and their effect on functions of the mind and body. A simplified explanation of Dr. Tomatis’ findings shows that certain bands, or zones, of sound frequencies affect different abilities. By delivering specific frequencies in an organized manner to the brain, we can focus on and stimulate specific zones of the brain which show deficit or dysfunction. Based on Tomatis’ work, we know which frequencies will affect specific zones of the brain, what bodily functions they control and which range of frequencies will affect the selected area.









   Exclusively available in The Listening Program:

  1. ABT Bone Conduction System
  2. Original High-Definition Recordings
  3. ABC Modular Design
  4. Spatial Surround® and Dolby Headphone® Technology
  5. Progressive Frequency Training


1. ABT Bone Conduction System

This multi-sensory approach accelerates and expands the benefits of listening. The ABT Bone Conduction System is a small, portable, battery operated system which can be used anywhere.


Bone conduction delivers the music from TLP simultaneously through the air and the bone conduction pathways. It provides a direct, clear transmission of sound to the inner ear labyrinth, which stimulates both the cochlea and vestibular system. This is done by adding subtle vibration through the skin and skeletal system with a vibrator (bone conductor) that is located on the headband of the headphones, and is controlled by a pocket sized amplifier. The music can clearly be heard through the vibrator. This is something that surprises people when they listen through bone conduction headphones for the first time.


Bone conduction is a natural listening experience, as we hear our own voice through bone conduction.   Listeners are more receptive to the listening experience and feel more relaxed therefore allowing faster progress than ever before.  


2. Original High-Definition Recordings

We place a high value on the content and quality of the music used. We carefully select, arrange and record classical compositions specifically for each TLP program. TLP is the only method to include High Definition (HD) classical music of Mozart, Haydn, Vivaldi, and other composers. HD is the highest quality recording standard available.


3. ABC Modular Design

The ABC Modular Design is the key to the effectiveness of TLP and is only available in our method.   This allows listeners to effectively engage the auditory system, providing “warm-up”, “work-out” and “cool-down” phases. Children listen to the music 15 minutes each day.


Research asserts that a listener needs to be relaxed in order for neural feedback to properly control and improve the function of the middle ear. The ABC Modular Design prepares the listener by introducing a natural listening experience and slowly adds in the modified, treated music for the “work-out” phase. At the end of each listening session, the listener is brought back to their natural, untreated sound environment with beautiful full spectrum music.


 4. Spatial Surround® and Dolby Headphone® Technology

Spatial Surround® is a music recording and production process where multi-channel sound is presented to provide music in five individual channels or locations. Spatial Surround is exclusive to The Listening Program® and helps improve discrimination of frequency, volume, time and spatial location. This is similar to Surround Sound, only more precise.  Spatial Surround Dynamic is Spatial Surround with movement of the individual instruments or nature sounds.


We rely on our auditory system to tell us where our body is in space, and to inform us if our environment is safe. Spatial Surround was developed to replicate the natural environment to provide more complete training to the auditory system. Rather than simply stimulating perception of sound from the right and left, which is all that can be done in stereo, Spatial Surround increases perception of all directions in the 360 degree sound field.


Dolby Headphone is the technology that makes it possible to provide Spatial Surround® through stereo headphones. This technology works by creating an acoustical model based on how the ear and brain localize sound using a powerful signal-processing algorithm. It generates audio clues modeled from real life. You perceive you are in a home theater when in fact you are listening through stereo headphones.


ABT offers this technology under license from Dolby Laboratories. It’s important to note that Dolby Headphone is not a special pair of headphones, but rather a technology that ABT encodes into the Level One music files. The Listening Program is the only music listening therapy with Dolby Headphone technology.


Dolby Headphones allows for more dimension to the listening experience. We can isolate individual instruments and move them around the listener to engage their auditory system and improve sound discrimination, localization, spatial awareness and more.


5. Progressive Frequency Training

The Listening Program® offers progressive training of the frequency zones to provide specific training to the Auditory Tonotopic Map, areas in the auditory system that contain auditory neurons that have specific frequency sensitivity.


TLP albums are organized into four categories; full spectrum, sensory integration, speech and language, and high spectrum. To make it easy for the provider and listener, we have color-coded each album according to it’s frequency category: 


  •          Blue is Full Spectrum
  •          Green is Sensory Integration
  •          Orange is Speech and Language
  •          Red is High Spectrum


The standard protocol is to progress from full spectrum to sensory integration, to speech and language, to high spectrum, then to move back through the categories in the reverse sequence. This can be modified based on the needs and goals of the listener as well as their response to the music.