NYS Medicaid in Education SSHSP

Dated Questions and Answers- 

NYS Medicaid in Education Provider and BillingStay updated on Medicaid in Education for Preschool. This site will provide all the new questions and answers.  A new manual just came out in April 2012 - Handbook#7 - See below.   I will inform you when new updates arrive. 


Handbook #7 - April 2012


Includes current updates on UDO's, CPT codes (most common codes used are 92507 - individual session and 92508 - group session and 92506-Speech Eval.)  New CPT codes for Jan 2012 include 92605 1 hr eval for prescription of non-speech generating AAC device and 92618 additional 1/2 hr for eval of AAC device.

ICD-9 Codes can be found on ASHA - this is an extensive list.  I sign treatment orders for all our children.  The most common ICD-9 codes I use for preschool are:

315.32  Receptive & Expressive Language Disorder

315.39  Articulation Disorder

315.31  Expressive Disorder


NYS Phase III Compliance Training

Speech teachers and speech pathologists are "relevant employees" and must complete this training by June 2012.  Phase I and Phase II training should have been completed as well.


NYS Under the Direction of

Medicaid has changed the way we provide services in the preschool setting.  There are strict guidelines to follow.  In this section you will find a sample of an "Under the Direction of " guideline for Speech.


NYS Speech License


Daily Notes - our school is utilizing the SOAP note format. All notes are now typed on our network. Goals are listed at the top of our session note and gets incorporated into the note. We are working towards a digital signature.

S - Subjective - note attention, behaviors

O- Objective - goals addressed in session

A- Assessment - recorded results - %, trials, progress

P- Plan - what you will do next time