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#377 Building Early Literacy Skills through Speaking and Listening   2/5/2013
#376 Word Recognition Strategies for the Struggling Reader   1/22/2013

#374 Helpful Classroom Strategies for Students with Language-Auditory Processing Disorder 12/18/2012
#373 Why Is My Child Not Learning To Read? 12/5/2012
#372 Visual Processing Disorder 11/21/2012
#371 Are My Child’s Language Skills Developing Normally 11/8/2012



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 I highly recommend:

Guide to Communication Milestones which has developmental guidelines for all your speech and language categories such as Feeding, Articulation, MLU, Pragmatics, Vocabulary and more.

Testing Guide

Evidence Based Practice  



Lakeshore Lesson Plans - FREE templates, lesson plans and printables for preschool

This hand out about Preverbal Skills (from Belinda Hill, SLP) is nicely organized and can be used as a very helpful guideline for the therapist and the classroom teacher.  I developed a AAC plan which includes  the key areas listed in Belinda's handout (In Ricki's Printable Forms.) Belinda provides other handouts which explain terms in the speech field, e.g. What is receptive language, What is expressive language?