How Smart Is Your Cat?

This is Princeton, my very brainy cat - Level 3!


"How Smart Is Your Cat" - Purchase on the Kindle for $2.99


Book Highlights
1. Quiz your cat to determine how smart it is:
Level 1 – “Special Needs” – 5 points or less
Level 2 – “Classic” – 6 to 12 points
Level 3 – “Brainy” – 13 to 19 points
2. Play cat games that are appropriate for your cat’s
ntelligence level
3. Create cat‐related art projects and make gifts to or
from your cat
4. Recite rhymes to your cat
This book is a great gift for adoption day or any other special occasion!!
If You Are A Cat Lover You Will Love This Book! There are over 100 simple hands‐on tested activities to entertain your cat and be entertained!