Language Samples are an essential component of a preschooler’s ongoing assessment in the therapy room and in the classroom. It requires the therapist to assess all aspects of communication, not just the child’s goals or MLU.  (Sometimes we use the term MLU lightly and we are quickly looking at an estimated sentence length.) Highlighting the morphemes before counting all the words can be helpful. When this information is included in a report, it provides the reader with a more comprehensive understanding of the child’s abilities.  There are 2 sheets included in this packet:

1. Language Sample Summary Checklist consisting of Form, Content and Use of language.

2. More detailed checklist providing age levels for phrases, sentences, pronouns and morphemes for assessing MLU (mean length of utterance.)


Language Sample Checklist.pdf
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MLU Checklist including phrases, sentences, pronouns, morphemes

MLU Checklist.pdf
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This handout provides 2 pages of fun activities to engage little ones in listening and following directions. Suggestions are for therapists, parents and teachers. This is a nice companion to my Following Directions checklist. Includes activities around the house, fun with toys and games, water play, car travel and iPad app suggestions. Complete app list can be downloaded here at www.preschoolspeechie.com.

Following directions Handout 6-13.pdf
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Be a Good Speech Model

Be Good Speech Model 13.pdf
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Preverbal Communication - 3 pages

1. Explanation of preverbal communication

2. AAC Checklist

3. Functional play checklist - to assess child's understanding of function of objects

Preverbal Communication 3 pgs 13.pdf
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YEAR ROUND ENLARGED PACING BOARD - for tapping out syllables or 2-4 word phrases.  Help child maintain proper inflection/accenting on words (e.g. visual supports - finger going up or down, arrows.)  Add seasonal stickers throughout the year to decorate.  Note of caution - some little ones can be distracted by the stickers.

Pacing board/segmenting for multisyllable words- I decided to try a countdown strip as a pacing board in one of my sessions the other day.  The child displayed higher level skills and needed to work on his rate. It worked really well, so I modified the strip- moved the numbers to be horizontal and added dots for counting syllables. This is a smaller strip which works nicely for carryover at home as well.  There are 4 strips on the page. Laminate strips and arrows and cut out.   Velcro next to each number (& arrow) and therapist or child can move the arrow to the correct number of syllables.

Pacing Board with Numbers
Pacing Board with numbers & arrow.pdf
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Pacing board templates
This pacing board helps a child expand phrase
length (from 1-5 words - e.g. The boy is running) or word
length from 1 to 4 syllables (e.g. helicopter.) It gives child
a visual representation.
1.Start from left to right
2.Add dots/stickers to the pacing board, e.g.1st dot-The, 2nd dot-boy,3rd dot-is 4th dot-running or word e.g. “bunny” – 1st dot-bun, 2nd dot-ny
3.Model hand over hand assistance - hold
your child’s finger as he/she points to each dot.
4.Say the word or phrase again and see if your
child can do it on his/her own
5. Pacing board also works well when teaching a. cluster reduction - e.g. s blends - stop - velcro the letter S on the left side of the hilly board. Then child runs finger over hill saying sssss and comes to picture of stop at the end and says stop. b. 2 syllable words with real word ending, e.g. bunny - velcro picture of bunny to the left - child says buhhhhhh - then picture to right is a knee. Eventually children just need point prompt to thei
Pacing board Template 12.pdf
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FARM PICS for Peekaboo Barn app- (by Night & Day Studios)-my most popular app with preschoolers. I use this app with a variety of levels - those who are learning cause & effect, sd association, articulation, labeling farm animals, actions open & close door, and greetings hi & bye. When I use an app, it is always tied in to a hands-on activity. In the case of Peekaboo Barn, child may either play with toy animals and/or find pictures of the animal on a velcro board, depending on level of ability.

Peekaboo Barn Farm Pics 2 pgs
Peek a Boo Barn pics rev.pdf
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I Spy Game and Pictures

I Spy Guessing Game 3 Pgs
I Spy Guessing game 3 pgs.pdf
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Quick and easy to read SPEECH NOTE to create and send home.  Just circle picture and write a short note.  Make copy for teacher too. Click on Pinterest to check out my other FREE SPEECH MATERIALS AT PINTEREST.  (All pics from Bing Images)

Homework note.pdf
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Following directions checklist 12.pdf
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48 Multisyllabic Words for Preschool -  CLICK ON PDF TO DOWNLOAD 2 PAGES. Tie in to pacing and prosody strategies such as   tapping, hitting a drum, singing the words, clapping hands.  Turn any one of the pictures into a pacing board.  Cut the picture into 3 pieces if it's a 3 syllable words and 4 pieces if it's a 4 syllable word.  Separate pieces at first and then child can put them together like a puzzle - you can say to the child, "You put your sounds together like a puzzle."  If child reduces the syllable, take a piece of the puzzle and  say, e.g. "Part of the banana is missing, you said bana. The banana looks like this now. Let's hear all 3 parts, banana."  Pics from Bing Images. 


Multisyllable words 3 & 4.pdf
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FEED ME BAGS-Laminate all pictures. Cut out mouths on the face and bag and attach with velcro or yarn. Use as a reinforcement or for specific goals, e.g. MLU, Pronouns, articulation, basic concepts. Add your own food too! Put a picture on the outside of the bag and include food the child eats. Tie this activity in with the SPEECH TREATS app too. Save space - hang up bangs when activity is completed. Download more food pics for FREE from kids-pages.com (in my Resource Connections section ) 

Faces for Feeding Game 13.pdf
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Feeding Guidelines Placemat - This placemat customizes the feeding program for the child and can be followed through in the classroom setting.  Just fill in the information and laminate!

Graphic Interchange format 82.6 KB
Feeding Prescription Template
This feeding prescription template is very helpful for children who need to follow a strict feeding protocol, especially those who have had an MBSS.
Graphic Interchange format 10.0 KB
Augmentative Communication Screening/Plan
This is a comprehensive checklist to assess pre-verbal skills and means of communication (3 pages)
AAC Screening revised Shortened for PSS
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Food Checklist
Food Checklist
Food checklist to give to parents
This checklist is divided into types of food, e.g. crunchy, sweet, to determine a pattern to the child's eating preferences and abilities. Developed by Ricki Block,MS,CCC-SLP
Feeding Food Checklist revised 712.pdf
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Cooking With Kids
This handout lists all the concepts you can work on during a cooking activity. Developed by Ricki Block, MS, CCC-SLP.
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First Words
This is a list of first words to teach based on Bloom and Lahey categories. This has nice activities for parents. Developed by Ricki Block, MS, CCC-SLP
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Question Hierarchy
Guidelines for teaching Wh questions in a sequence from concrete to abstract. Developed by Ricki Block, MS, CCC-SLP.
Question hierarchy revised 811.pdf
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Peripheral Speech Mechanism Exam
This is a comprehensive outline to assess oral motor movements and strength. Developed by Ricki Block, MS, CCC-SLP
PSM Exam.doc
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First Vocabulary List Nouns
Vocabulary words categorized in groups to help keep track of understanding and use of first words. Developed by Ricki Block, MS, CCC-SLP
First Vocabulary List Nouns.xls
Microsoft Excel Table 28.5 KB
First Functional Vocabulary List of Verbs, Adjectives, etc
These functional words are categorized in groups based on Bloom & Lahey. Developed by Ricki Block, MS, CCC-SLP
First Funtional Vocabulary list 12.pdf
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Developmental Scale
I developed this scale which has key milestones to address, especially when working with children functioning significantly below expectations. Developed by Ricki Block, MS, CCC-SLP
Developmental Scale 6 mos to 3 yrs .xlt
Microsoft Excel Table 27.0 KB
TEACH Instructions
Instructions were taken from the TEACH website. Included is a form to keep track of hours. Developed by Ricki Block, MS, CCC-SLP
TEACH 175 Hours log.docx
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Ricki's APP List Updated Jan 21, 2013 (62 favorite out of 241)
The list keeps growing! Bold APPS are new (53). Highlighted APPS are favorites- 62 (out of 241!) They are all my favorites, so I did my best to pick my favorite favorite! Apps have been sorted into categories which may help for sorting purposes on the ipad. With a touch of creative input, apps often can be utilized for any goal and paired with a hands on activity. 

Page 1 - AAC,cause-effect - VERY EASY
Page 2 - sounds, articulation, books - articulation apps can give you a list of sounds....doesn't always have to be flashcard drills...kids can enjoy "drill" during creative activities, e.g. art, books, games
Page 3 - more books, follow directions & sequence 
Page 4 - more follow directions, auditory memory, games, 
Page 5 - puzzles, hidden pics, songs, vocabulary-language
Page 6 - more vocabulary-language, classification-assoc,Wh quest
Page 7 - ABC, 123, phonics, reinforcement
iPad Apps Jan 13 L.xlsx - See more at: http://www51.jimdo.com/app/s93b9a70bc7fa403e/p9cb37eabe6483ca0/#sthash.ndvoVev8.g9LxvD2l.dpuf

iPad Apps Jan 13 Portrait.xlsx
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