Pathway for Licensed Speech Language Pathologists - Candidates who fit this profile are professional speech language pathologists licensed in New York State who are interested in becoming teachers of speech and language disabilities. If you fit this profile, you may obtain Certification by:

  • Holding a NYS speech language pathology license
  • Applying for a Certificate to the NYSED Office of Teaching Initiatives

This is a general description only. For information on requirements specific to the subject you want to teach, click on the icon below.

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Requirements for obtaining NYS Professional License:

Classroom teaching experience includes experience earned in a public or approved nonpublic preschool or elementary, middle, or secondary school. Claimed experience may be in any grade or subject. Experience that is not full time may be credited on a prorated basis. Teaching assistant experience is not applicable to this requirement.


- Teachers working as substitutes in numerous districts may wish to have each district verify the experience by providing a short letter on district letterhead.

- For teachers who earned their Initial Speech and Language Disabilities  certificate based on their professional license in Speech Language Pathology, the 3 years experience must be as a teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped or 3 years of equivalent experience acceptable to the Department providing Speech Language Pathology services to children, such as in a preschool program as defined in Commissioner's regulations, section 200.1



 TEACH - Connect to NYS Office of Teaching Initiatives.  Download handout below with TEACH Instructions.  Once you obtain your TSSLD Initial Certification, you have 5 years to obtain your Professional Certification.  CEU hours don't begin until you have received your Professional Certification.

TEACH 175 Hours log.docx
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